Q3 2021

3-5 Card Sets Launch.
Community Launch.
Gameplay Alpha Demo Showcase.
Wallet Alpha Stage.
NFT 2.0 Implementation.
Expading the team.
Creating new Partnerships.
Lightpaper 2.0 Release.

Q4 2021

Listing $YARL on Polygon and BSC.
Wheel of Fortune Release.
Yarloo's Coffers Release.
First NFT Sale.
Trading Card Game Beta & Release.

Q4 2021

First CEX Listing.
More Partnerships & Team Expasions.
NFTShore Launch.
Yarloo's Battleships Showcase. 

Q1 2022

Battleships Open Beta & Release.
First Seasonal Implementation for TCG.
Addition Improvements to Coffers (Swaps/New Networks). 
Updated Roadmap for 2022's quarters.